Belgrade Fun & Action Events

Have memorable weekend with any of the great activities that are available in Belgrade.

Pistol, Revolver & Shotgun Shooting

Indoor shooting range with paper targets included
Glock pistol
Smith and Wesson revolver
Hunting shotgun

Enjoy one of our most popular shooting packages. Located right in the city of Belgrade, our shooting club will give you an advanced experience in shooting. This activity offers 3 guns with 30 shots included. Expect assistance of professional instructor and company of our lovely English speaking guide.


Extensive Handguns Shooting

Shooting range in Belgrade
Beretta 0.22 pistol
The Smith and Wesson revolver
CZ 99 pistol

The Extensive Handguns Shooting activity in Belgrade offers 32 shots from 4 different weapons. This activity takes place in an indoor shooting range not far from the central Belgrade. After the exciting shooting experience will each of you get a beer.



Paintball arena in Belgrade
Aiming on the target
Satisfied women after paintball activity
Shooting at the target

Test your ability to „survive“ in an unknown environment with enemies all around and at the same time discover your team spirit in paintball. It is an exciting game, that will disclose the winners from the losers by fighting against each other with automatic air-propelled rifles and tagging each other with color impregnated balls. This exciting adventure takes place in several Belgrade locations (empty buildings, forest areas, hilly meadows).


Clay Shooting

Aiming on the clay pigeons
Clay pigeon shooting in Belgrade
Clay shooting competition
Aiming at the targets

If you are interested in trying something new, why don't try clay shooting? It is an adrenaline experience, demanding your concentration, quick eye and sharp reflexes of hunter. You will spend your time outdoor surrounded by the beautiful nature and it is an ideal opportunity to show off your shooting skills to friends in an exciting competition.


Go Karting

Go karting in Belgrad
Outdoor go karting fun
Enjoying go karts in Belgrade
Outdoor go karting track

Have you ever wondered how it would be a part of F1 championship? Stop wondering and try go-karts with your friends in modern karting venue in Belgrade. It's an unique opportunity to test your driving skills and show off who's the king of the track. The 800 metres long track with 18 curves guarantees an unforgettable experience.


Light Pistol Shooting

Indoor shooting range in Belgrade
Shooting range with paper targets
Beretta pistol
The small Beretta pistol

If you are not a huge fan of weapons, but anyway you would like to try a little shooting, our light pistol shooting activity is something for you. First a safety briefing from a professional instructor and then 25 shots with the Beretta 0.22 pistol. At the end of the day you will enjoy one beer from us in the shooting club bar for your effort.


Five-a-Side Footy Match

Belgrade five a side football match
Rental of small soccer pitch for five a side football in Belgrade
Stag party football activity
5 a side football match in Belgrade

Play five-a-side football match in the city where Manchester United captain, Nemanja Vidic made his first football steps to the big scene. After the game enjoy few cold beers that warm you up to experience the city that never sleeps. So…bring the smile, good energy and the game can start!



Golf in Belgrade
Golf court in Belgrade
Group of men playing golf
Trying to score

You will enjoy playing golf in a beautiful pristine area on the outskirts of Belgrade. There is a 9-hole golf course spread over 35 hectares that offer loads of fun. After game, you can enjoy some refreshing drinks on a stunning terrace of the clubhouse bar.


Belgrade Underground Tour with Wine Tasting

Long underground path
Stairs to the underground
Remains in the undergrounds
Wine cellar with wine tasting

Join our Belgrade Underground Tour and learn about the turbulent history of Belgrade. You will discover numerous secrets and legends of the capital of Serbia and as a nice conclusion of the tour you will experience a light wine brunch with tasting of Serbian red & white wines as well as typical local pastry. The underground system contains tens of caves , hundreds of underground tunnels built up in last 300 years and, above all, structures that are remains of people who settled Belgrade.


Indoor Rock Climbing

Stag group climbing an artificial wall in Belgrade
Friends trying to climb the wall
Indoor climbing in Belgrade
Climbing fun during stag party in Belgrade

Rock climbing is physically challenging activity which will test your ability to maintain balance and to use strength of the muscles. An experienced instructor will explain everything you need to know to climb successfully and after you can start with adventurous measurement of power between you and your mates! The artificial wall is very well maintained and all the area is indoor, what makes it available for you all year through.


Bubble Football

The best man prepared a bubble football prank for the groom
Indoor Bubble football in Belgrade
Experience unlimited fun with our bubble football
Make your stag do in Belgrade unforgettable with crazy bubble fight

Try out something you have never done before! Bubble football is a brand new activity that will melt your masculine heart!

Try to play football while wearing a big bubble on your head. It may be difficult to score, but much easier to prevent rivals from doing so as well. In case your goal will be endangered, just jump right into your opponents!

You will hardly score and it will be impossible to maintain a balance, but that's not what matters when playing this game. The key points are long-lasting fun and perfect mood that will stay with you for the rest of the day!


Laser Tag

Experience thrilling laser game on your stag do in Belgrade
Laser game center Belgrade
Stag buddies ready for their laser battle!
The group from Ireland came to Belgrade to celebrate their bachelor party

Brace yourself - adrenaline hide-and-seek is coming!

Grab a weapon and rush into the gloomy room to find the best position behind the shelters and covers.

Laser game is not only a bunch of fun but also tests your teamwork. Team up and shoot down your rivals or join your forces with other buddies and go together against the groom!

The modern laser game center in Belgrade offers a great variety of game scenarios and you can choose between an individual or a team game.

Hurry up to get a stirring experience!


Red Star Belgrade Stadium Tour

Enjoy amazing Red Star Stadium tour!
See the trophies and original clothes of your favorite football players
Brighten up your stag do with visiting Red Star Stadium
Famous Red Star football stadium in Belgrade

Enrich your masculine stag do in Belgrade with very special visit of the famous Red Star football stadium.

Take part in private tour and explore the stadium from the inside. Visit the facilities not open to the public and learn more about your favorite football club and its members. Red Star Stadium Tour is a perfect opportunity to visit the private halls, changing rooms and facilities where football players are getting prepared for the game.

If your heart beats for football, you shouldn't miss this out!


Spa & Wellness Visit

Visit popular spa and wellness resort in Belgrade
There is no better place for relax than sauna!
Perfect relax after wild bachelor night
Give yourself a treatment you deserve

After night full of parties and drinks your stag group must feel exhausted! Give yourself a treat and spend afternoon in spa and wellness resort.

Loosen up in hot pool and bubble bath and make your muscles relax under the hands of a professional masseur.

Stay in spa and wellness center charges up your batteries for upcoming night rave!

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We would like to particularly comment on our guides Bojana and Marina who were great and provided us with so much knowledge important for our stay. Without them we would spent a lot of precious time by handling basic things what they were able to solve...
The time passed so fast and we enjoyed everything we did during our stay! It was a great idea to do something else besides drinking and go karts and shooting were all cool. The best club for us was Free styler with great partying atmosphere. Paul and...
Just wanted to let you know that we had a nice time during our stay in March. Beer was really cheap and so we had to drink it! We recommend Belgrade for everyone who wants to experience fine partying for little money. The highlight of the trip was...
Hi Dijana, I thought I would just let you know that we had a really good time shooting with you in Belgrade last week Miljana was a fantasitc host, she had a difficult time with the shooting club, but managed to make sure we fired all the guns we wanted...
Go karting and Shooting were great and we recommend them both. The guides also enjoyed pub crawl with us and it was an amazing fun. Luke spent 3 days in Belgrade with his mates in January 2013.

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