Belgrade Nightlife Programs

Belgrade, as a legendary partying destination, often requires advance booking for the best places. Our female guides will be happy to assist with their local knowledge.

Night Clubbing

Heavy partying in one of Belgrade night clubs
You can meet lots of beautiful local women
Pretty Serbian girls
Local dancers in night clubs

Visit some of the most luxurious clubs located in the heart of the city’s nightlife that are opened into wee hours. Accompanied by English speaking girl guide you will enjoy amazing atmosphere of the floating river clubs located along the banks of the Danube and Sava Rivers. During the night clubbing you will definitely find out why Belgrade is considered as one of the hottest night spots in Europe.


Pub Crawl

Drinks are the important part
Getting to know people
Meet with the local people
Having fun on pub crawl

Pub crawl is the best way to start up your stag night party and meet local people and fellow travelers from all over the world. With our English speaking local girly guide you will visit the best bars that the city offers. Join the pub crawl and experience some of the best and the most unique beer pubs and trendy bars in Belgrade.



Meet nice hostesses in Belgrade casinos
Casino visit is risky but fun
Playing blackjack in casino
One of casinos in Belgrade

Try your luck in one of the most exclusive casino in Belgrade. The thrilling variety of games like Roulette, Blackjack or Pocker Jackpot will guarantee the perfect fun for all night. Of course the refreshing drinks are available during all the time.


Limo Transfer with Stripper

Hot stripper in limousine
Interior of a luxurious limo
Surprise the groom with a sexy stripper
Enjoy ride in limousine

Don't miss out this unique chance to experience the sexiest transfer of your life! A hot stripper can be waiting for your arrival at the airport or will while away the time while you are transferred from one activity to another.

Enjoy lap dancing while you are comfortably sitting in a luxurious limousine.


Rakija Tour

Taste Rakija!
Traditional Serbian pub
Rakija shots for stag buddies
Our Scottish clients enjoying their stag do in Belgrade

When visiting a foreign country, everybody seeks for something traditional and typical. Why not try finding it in the evening on your drinking bout?!

he Serbs are proud of their Rakija - a fruit brandy popular in the Balkans. The alcohol content of Rakija can be up to 60%, and that ensures you a great party mood for the whole night!

The real men need more and we won't leave you in the pub only with one drink. Our guide takes you to the bars and pubs in the city center where the best (and strongest) Rakija is served!

Bottoms up!


Strip Club Visit

Sexy Serbian lap dancers put you in the right mood
Enjoy thrilling show!
Visit the hottest strip club in Belgrade!
These hot Serbian strippers are real professionals!

Sexy girls are an essential part of every stag do. The beauties walking the streets of Belgrade are strongly seductive, but those in the strip club are professionals who know what a groom and a bunch of his friends need.

Enjoy luxury and privacy of trendy strip club. Sit down in a sofa and relish lap dancing and well-shaped curves of the strippers.

After being pampered you go on with a wild party in the local pubs!


Serbian Dinner

Feast on tasty Serbian meat dinner
Visit a cosy restaurant and taste a piece of Serbia
There is also a vegetarian option available
Mouth-watering dish

When you want to party all night long you need to be well stocked with the energy. Serbian cuisine is rich on meat dishes and you definitely should try its unique taste before you leave. Our guide takes you to a trendy restaurant in the center where you will have a taste of traditional Serbian meals.

If you are a meat-lover, you should go for Pljeskavica and Ćevapi. You will get a plate of juicy big meat with rich garnish and the only thing you need to add is an ice-cold beer.


Cultural Pub Crawl

Our guide shows you the hottest pubs in Belgrade
Combine pub crawl with sightseeing
Don't forget to taste Rakija and Serbian beers!
Explore Belgrade while drinking beer with your stag buddies

If you want to bring back home more than just a drunk experience, you should make some time for sightseeing in the city. Does it sound too boring? Yes, it does... That's why we prepared special Cultural Pub Crawl!

A beautiful guide will show you the hot spots of the city and will tell you the most important information about its history and culture. To enrich your walking tour, while enjoying the city's monuments (and stunning girls) you'll stop by in bars and pubs to quench your thirst.

Does it sound awesome? Yes, it does!

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We would like to particularly comment on our guides Bojana and Marina who were great and provided us with so much knowledge important for our stay. Without them we would spent a lot of precious time by handling basic things what they were able to solve...
The time passed so fast and we enjoyed everything we did during our stay! It was a great idea to do something else besides drinking and go karts and shooting were all cool. The best club for us was Free styler with great partying atmosphere. Paul and...
Just wanted to let you know that we had a nice time during our stay in March. Beer was really cheap and so we had to drink it! We recommend Belgrade for everyone who wants to experience fine partying for little money. The highlight of the trip was...
Hi Dijana, I thought I would just let you know that we had a really good time shooting with you in Belgrade last week Miljana was a fantasitc host, she had a difficult time with the shooting club, but managed to make sure we fired all the guns we wanted...
Go karting and Shooting were great and we recommend them both. The guides also enjoyed pub crawl with us and it was an amazing fun. Luke spent 3 days in Belgrade with his mates in January 2013.

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